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Frequently asked questions und Hilfe

StimmApp ist ein kostenloser Service, mit dem jeder Reisegruppenteilnehmer sich in die Planung der Reise einbringen kann.
Die Plattform zu nutzen ist relativ einfach, dennoch beantworten wir auf dieser Seite ein paar allgemeine Fragen:

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I no longer have the admin link for my trip; can you send it to me again?
In the next release, you will have the option to enter your email address and have the admin link sent to you. Currently we ask you to kindly send us an email to info (a )
with your email address and we’ll send you the admin links to all the trips that were created using that address.

How can I edit a poll, e.g. add or remove an option?
You always have the option to make changes to your trip including adding or changing options. However, if voting has already started, all the votes associated with that trip will be removed.
After you have made your changes participants who had already voted will have to vote again. This is to ensure that every member of your party is voting on the same thing.
I already finalized my trip; how can I make changes?
As a registered user, you can re-open a finalized trip and edit it. After logging in, you can edit any of the trips on the trip overview page, regardless of their status.

As an annonymous user, you have no option to edit a finalized trip.

Can poll details be hidden from the participants?
No, currently all poll participants can see the votes that were cast by other participants. I we see that demand for this feature increases, it will be included.

Why can I neither edit nor delete the entries of all participants as the administrator?
The administrator has the option to make changes to the trip including removing the trip from the voting process. The administrator cannot change or remove votes cast by others.

How can I close a poll and finalize my trip?
At any time, the adminstrator of a trip can choose to finalize the trip. This means, the administrator selects one option for each parameter for the trip.
The choice of which options to select for a trip could be based on the result of a poll but might also be based on other considerations. A trip could be finalized even if there were no polls carried out on that trip object.

When a trip is finalized, polls on that trip are no longer available. Participants can no longer cast votes in favour of certain options.

How can I delete a trip?
As a logged in user, you have the option to delete any trip that you created. After logging in, click on the delete button next to the trip you would like to delete.

Is it possible to use an existing trip as a template?
Yes, after logging in, open the trip you would like to copy and click on ‘create a copy’. A new version of the trip with the same name will appear in your trip overview table.

How do I add additional parameters that don’t appear on the standard create trip form?
When you are creating or editing a trip, click on the button ‘add additional parameters’. In the pop-up window that appears, you can choose to add multiple additional parameters to your trip.
The additional parameters can be of type, ‘text’, ‘date’, ‘from – to’ or ‘yes / no’. Just give the additional parameter a name and choose a type. You can add as many additional items as you like.
For example, you could add the field ‘Transportation’ of type text. Then add different options for your group members to vote on such as ‘car rental’, ‘cheafeur driven’, ‘taxi’ etc.

What is the maximum number of participants on a trip?
Technically there are no limitations on the number of trip participants. Clearly, as the number of participants increases, it becomes more tricky to gain a concensus among the group.

How do I share my final trip with others?
As a non logged in user, you can share your trip with others by simply giving them the link to your trip. Anyone who has the link to your finalized trip home can view it. This is particularly useful when you want to inform multiple travel agents about your requirements.
As a logged in user, you also have the option of entering the email addresses of potential recipients and stimmapp will send the link on your behalf.

How can I invite my friends to participate in the planning process?
After creating or modifying your trip, stimm app gives you the option to send the trip to your friends for them to participate in the planning process.
Basically, group members can participate in two ways:

Voting – If you enter multiple options for some of your trip parameters, you can invite your friends to vote on their preferences.

Contributing – Your friends can also add their own suggestions to your trip your you want them to. Simply send them the admin link for the trip and they can make their own suggestions. When
every member of the group has added their ideas, everyone can vote on the options that were suggested.

How long does StimmApp keep my trip?
Stimmapp does not have any fixed policy on data retention. Old inactive trip belonging to non-registered users will be deleted periodically.
Trips created by registered users are
NOT deleted by stimmapp.

How can I delete my account with StimmApp?
If you registered with simmapp and you no longer wish to have a registered account, please send us an email to info (a ) with the subject, “please delete my account”.
Please ensure you send the email from the account you used to register with stimmapp.

How does StimmApp golf course rating work?
Stimmapp employs the most reliable golf course ranking method available anywhere. While we do consider the recognised professional ranking results, we add much more.
Unlike other ranking methods that rely on a hand full of course “testers”, uses advanced semantics software to analyse dozens of websites to find out what real players feel about golf courses they’ve played.
By analysing the context in which a course was mentioned, our software is able to determine how positive or negative the players sentiments toward the course are. That means we have a lot more testers of different types which gives us a far more rounded ranking than any of our competitors.

How much do I have to pay to use
stimmapp costs trip planners and participants absolutely NOTHING. You don’t even have to register to use many of our features.

Wie verdient StimmApp Geld?
Derzeit verdienen wir noch kein Geld! Wir untersuchen aber gerade mehrere Möglichkeiten, wie wir Gewinn erzielen könnten.

Why are some pages not displayed properly in Internet Explorer?
Up to now, the focus of our test efforts has been on Fire Fox and chrome web browsers. We intend to expand our test efforts to ensure users have the best experience on any browser.
In the meantime there is the possibility that the presentation of certain pages on the website might be sub-optimal on other browsers such as internet explorer.


Thank you!